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This LLC was formed in 2021, to be the home of all content creation and services provided by Jeff Townsend. 

About Jeff

Jeff has enjoyed content creation since childhood, often running around with his family's voice recorder or video camera. Jeff participated in his local High School's Media courses, creating such things as the school's morning news.

Jeff found his love for podcasting while completing an assignment he received in an undergraduate course. The group assignment was to go out and interview various individuals associated with the University. Jeff and his college roommate enjoyed this so much that after completing the assignment they content to create content, which later became known as 'State of Chaos. Initially, due to lack of knowledge of this new thing called 'podcasts', all the content was uploaded directly on their website. The big break for the podcast came with social media platform- Myspace. Jeff and his friend created video form of this content, resulting in millions of views on the platform.

Once the Podcast ended, Jeff continued to create podcasts, in various roles- Host, Producer, Advisor, Content Lead, and several other positions. In recent years he started dedicating the majority of his time helping other podcasters/content creators. Jeff founded Jeff Townsend Media LLC. in 2021 to be the home of his Content Creation Consulting services and the production company behind all the content he creates. With several of his personal projects: Indie Podcaster, Podcast Garage, Podcasting Power Hour, Indiana Stories, America Stories, Jeff Comedy, Austin Aries Sow and the Bill DeMott Experience.

In October 2022, Jeff Townsend and business associate Fuzz Martin purchased the rights/ownership of the long running Podcast- Podcast Sucks! Later rebranded to Good Morning Podcasters. Within a year they sold the rights, but Jeff is the owner of the Podcasting Sucks! product.

In November 2022, Jeff signed a contract to come onboard in a director's role with local Indianapolis Media Company WISHTV's All Indiana Podcast Network.

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