Christmas in the Colonies during Early America
America StoriesDecember 11, 2023x
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Christmas in the Colonies during Early America

On this episode of America Stories, Jeff, Luke, and Jack discuss the origin of Christmas in the colonies and traditions in American celebration of the holiday. We talk about classic Christmas activities like dressing up as demons and doing some drunken late night caroling. The ban on Christmas, and how the modern railroad may have played a large part in spreading various cultural traditions and formed the eclectic mixture of customs we know today.
Join us as we discuss parties, food, drink and even a poem that encapsulates the heartfelt, somber, yet hopeful time of year. We even ask the question. "How does Jesus fit into all of this?" We may not have an answer but we certainly ask.
So grab a sugar cookie and sip some hot cocoa because it's time for a Christmas episode of America Stories!