Murder Sheet

The Murder Sheet is a weekly true crime podcast hosted by journalist Áine Cain and attorney Kevin Greenlee.

We take a journalistic approach to covefing true crime. We have broken national news on major cases, like the Delphi murders and the Burger Chef murders. We also cover plenty of other subjects, including high-profile murders, cold cases, legal topics within the criminal justice system, restaurant slayings, historical crimes, and wide-ranging interviews with authors and experts.

If you're looking for in-depth coverage of both well-known and obscure cases, smart legal analysis, and thoughtful interviews, then this is the true crime podcast for you. The Murder Sheet is a production of Mystery Sheet LLC.

Murder SheetJune 21, 2024

The Cheat Sheet: Exes and Extradition

A prosecutor attorney is pushing to have a judge no longer take on criminal cases.

Murder SheetJune 20, 2024

The Fentanyl Files: A Conversation with a Chronic Pain Patient

How has the opioid crisis hurt pain patients?

Murder SheetJune 18, 2024

The Delphi Murders: The Defense's "Ding Dong" Document

Today, we ask the real question: Why didn't Judge Frances Gull call Bradley Rozzi a "ding dong"?

Murder SheetJune 18, 2024

The Long Island Serial Killer: Gatekeepers, Gore, and Grifting: Attorney John Ray’s Press Conference

Why did an attorney for Shannan Gilbert's family attack Rex Heuermann's daughter in the Long Island...

Murder SheetJune 14, 2024

The Cheat Sheet: Deals and Dismissals

We talk about some surprising decisions from a judge in Georgia.

Murder SheetJune 13, 2024

You Never Can Forget: An Officer's Perspective on Night One of the Case

The Murder Sheet speaks with an officer who was on the scene on the night of the Burger Chef murder...